Religious Education

Despite the interruption in our regular routine due to the pandemic, registration for 2020-2021 Religious Education classes is open and ongoing. Registration forms are available on both the St. Kieran and St. Agnes parish websites. Completed forms should be returned by mail or scanned and e-mailed to the St. Agnes/St. Kieran Religious Education Office as soon as possible.

Mailing address is 1501 Chicago Road, Chicago Heights, IL 60411.
The e-mail address is:

Although we do not yet know how RE classes will take place in the next school year, or when they will begin, the deadline for registration is still August 28, 2020. We need your registrations in order to make necessary plans. There’s nothing for you to lose by sending the registration in—we don’t even ask for a deposit! Please stay safe and healthy.

St. Agnes/St. Kieran Religious Education Program for Catholic Students attending Public Grade Schools 

Faith formation is a life-long process, and studying for the Sacraments is gradual and on-going.  The Archdiocese of Chicago requires that Catholic children attending public schools be enrolled in formal Catholic Religious Education classes for eight consecutive years, from grades 1 thru 8, and must show regular consistent attendance at classes.  Therefore, students leaving the program after their First Communion year will not be readmitted to the program for Confirmation Preparation, unless they are transferring from another Catholic Religious Education Program.   

The St. Agnes/St. Kieran Religious Education Office is located at St. Agnes Church, 1501 Chicago Road, Chicago Heights, Illinois, 60411.  For additional information, please call Mrs. Teri Klopp, Coordinator of Religious Education, at 708/754-0713, or send an e-mail to:

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