Renew My Church Update

The Renew My Church process is at an important juncture for St. Agnes, St. Kieran and the six other churches of the southeast suburbs.

The three main criteria to use in deciding which scenarios could work, and which would not are:
1. A viable parish must have at least 800 people in their October count.
2. The parish must also have a yearly income of at least $750,000 to sustain ministry.
3. It must eventually have buildings/infrastructure that will support the mission of the new parish and not be a burden to it.

Open your hearts and mind to the future and pray hard. Let’s open ourselves to God’s will.

These are important times for our parish, we ask for your prayers that the Holy Spirit will guide us in our decisions.

While a decision was to be made in January 2021 this has been postponed by the Renew my Church Executive committee. Please read there correspondence below


January 8, 2021
Dear Parishioners of St. Agnes, St. Ann, St. Irenaeus, St. James, St. John, St. Kieran,
St. Lawrence O’Toole, and St. Paul.

First, please know of my prayers for you as we begin the new calendar year.

As Cardinal Cupich’s Liaison for Renew My Church, I lead the Renew My Church (RMC) Executive Committee who reviews each grouping. The other members of the RMC Executive Committee are your regional vicar Bishop Joseph Perry, our Vicar General Bishop Robert Casey, as well as the archdiocese’s Chief Operating Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, and Superintendent of Catholic Schools. We have the great joy of meeting with each grouping to have a live discussion about the
feedback emerging from your discernment.

On behalf of the RMC Executive Committee, please accept our gratitude for the hard work your Grouping Feedback & Discernment Team (GFDT) has done over the recent months. We had a rich conversation with members of the GFDT on December 17th about the feedback report submitted for your grouping. Your GFDT should be commended for their excellent discernment and feedback. In our Executive Committee discernment following your GFDT’s feedback, we feel strongly we need
more time to follow up on some questions and concerns that remain before confirming a recommendation for Cardinal Cupich to consider. This means there will not be a decision this month about your grouping’s parish structure. We expect to be able to bring Cardinal Cupich a recommendation that allows him to make a decision in early March. We want to ensure the recommendation that goes to Cardinal Cupich will honor the feedback from your grouping and best serve the future needs of the local Church in your area.

We know the Lord remains with us, and we will be strengthened by keeping each other in prayer.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Rev. Jason Malave
Cardinal’s Liaison for Renew My Church


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