Renew My Church Parish Meeting and other RMC Information

The Renew My Church process is at an important juncture for St. Agnes, St. Kieran and the six other churches of the southeast suburbs. As parishioners you will have a chance to offer feedback to the scenarios that are listed here. Please take time to look at these scenarios and see what you think. Make sure that when you look at the scenarios you remember that this is a plan for all eight parishes and the southeast suburbs, not just our parish. So, does any scenario meet the following criteria and provide for the parishes the resources to do the work of Jesus in the next generation?

The three main criteria to use in deciding which scenarios could work, and which would not are:
1. A viable parish must have at least 800 people in their October count.
2. The parish must also have a yearly income of at least $750,000 to sustain ministry.
3. It must eventually have buildings/infrastructure that will support the mission of the new parish and not be a burden to it.

This is our task. On Tuesday, September 29th there will be a parish meeting at St. Agnes beginning at 6:30 PM. We will discuss the scenarios listed.   
On Wednesday, September 30th there will be a parish meeting at St. Kieran beginning at 6:30 PM to also discuss the scenarios.

Everyone will be asked to sign in for tracking, wear a mask and keep social distance. St. Agnes holds 50 people and St. Kieran holds 70. Because the capabilities are there now, the St. Agnes meeting will be live-streamed. Open your hearts and mind to the future and pray hard. Let’s open ourselves to God’s will.

These are important times for our parish, we ask for your prayers that the Holy Spirit will guide us in our decisions.

Click here to see the 6 Scenarios


View this data sheet which is intended to focus on the demographics of the grouping’s
shared territory and St. Kieran’s current situation to establish a baseline understanding of where we are click here

The cross chosen as inspiration for the Renew My Church is called the San Damiano Cross here is the story behind the cross. Click Here


Here is the latest scenarios for consideration, from the original scenarios 2 and 6 plus 3 alternate scenarios are currently being considered. View the scenarios here.

You can email your opinion to and I will pass it on to the Group.

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